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Understand your environment 

Drone mapping is the practice of stitching together a range of photos in order to create a large-scale map of an area. As this map is made of numerous high-quality images taken close to ground, the map quality is far superior to any satellite image such as Google Maps. Furthermore, this map will be up to date as seen on the day of capture. These maps can be translated into elevation data.


Google Maps

Satellite imagery remains low quality under close inspection as seen in Google Maps. It is only updated every few years meaning new development may not be included.

Aletha's Maps

Our mapping services provide an outstanding level of detail.  You can literally see a coin on the ground. This gives an accurate assessment and visualisation of a land plot.

mesh 2_edited_edited.jpg


Unrivalled detail

Creating a digital model or map of a location can help significantly with visualising the scale of a space. New developments can be designed and dropped into context, allowing clients and experts to assess the possibilities of a project. This is a very effective tool for client presentations.


No job too large

Aletha can map any size area of land. We include data such as terrain levelling and plant health. This allows you to get an accurate assessment of any given location. Mapping isn’t just square; we map roads; railways or any shape/stretch of land. Our pre-mapped flight paths mean we can recreate maps over any period of time as necessary, such as during a construction phase of a project.


We can map your surroundings

Have a place in mind? We are based in London, however, we are able to access sites all over the UK.  Give us a call or email and we can arrange a suitable appointment.

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