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Photography &

01 - Cinematography

Launch Events

This event launch for Revolution London at One Marlyebone was captured to demonstrate the unique set designs used to promote the products and engage the visiting audience. 

02 - Cinematography

Office Promotion

Using FPV drone technology, this video captured the flexible office workspace in one continuous flowing video. The drone is able to give a unique perspective on the space.

03 - Cinematography

Real Estate

This project utilised drone filming to capture the vast scale of this site. The video systematically tells the story of the site, taking you though each aspect.

04 - Cinematography


While completing a survey of Isle of Arron, we were able to capture some breath-taking footage of the great Scottish landscape.

Latest & Greatest

The drone world is evolving with drones becoming faster, smaller and better equipped. We stay up to date with technology allowing us to use the most suitable drone for the job and providing you with a solution that fits your budget. Whether you’re a small business wanting to stand out amongst the competition or an established company wanting to showcase a new set of properties, Aletha Drones can provide you with industry leading footage suitable to your budget and time scale.

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